Guide to Home Fire Prevention and Safety

Are you fireplace safe within the home?

The fireplace services suggest this straightforward safety listing to help to keep your home fire safe.
  • Installing AN adequate range of appropriate smoke alarms and testing them frequently is that the commencement in your home fireplace safety set up.
  • Having a written escape set up just in case of fireside and active it frequently

  • Make sure keys to any or all fast doors area unit without delay accessible just in case you wish to flee.
  • Never leave cookery or the other open flame as well as candles or oil burners unattended.
  • Clean the lint filter of your white goods every and each time you employ it.
  • Never smoke in bed and take further care if intense alcohol while smoking.
  • In Winter take further care once exploitation heaters, electrical blankets or open fires.
  • Don’t overload power points and cut appliances once not in use.
  • Always keep lighters and matches aloof from youngsters and educate them that they're “tools not toys” to solely be employed by accountable adults.
  • If you have got a garage or shed bear in mind to require further care with any hold on chemicals and fuels and perpetually refuel mowers, edgers etc after they area unit cold and within the open.
  • If you have got a gas, electrical or wood BBQ perpetually make certain it's in safe operating order before lighting which it's perpetually within the care of an accountable adult once in use.
  • If you reside in an exceedingly bushfire prone space keep the bottom around your home beyond leaves and different litter and bear in mind to scrub your gutters frequently.


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